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Not bad

Today was a good day.

I fasted all day. I consumed only coffee, 8 cups, which according to Fitday is 28 calories, and burned 113 calories today just walking to and from class and doing some occasional crunches. Therefore, today I've consumed -85 calories. =)

I feel like I look thinner. I'm waiting until tomorrow morning to weigh myself again, but earlier today I was 138, and yesterday morning I was 141. So that's good.

I plan to be 135 (at least) by Friday. Fasting as long as I can, baby!

I'm hoping tonight my boyfriend doesn't expect me to drink. If he does, I may have one (which would ruin my negative calorie count and put me at 11 calories for the day..) but usually if I have more than that on an empty stomach I get totally sick.

Anyway he'll be here soon to pick me up, so I'll update more tomorrow.
Think thin, loves! ♥
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