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I feel wonderful

Today's going to be a good day. I just feel like it will.

I only have two classes this morning, my two favorite classes, and then I'm done at noon.

After that my friend is in town from her college, so we're probably going to hang out. She initially suggested that she take me out to lunch, but after asome quick and panicked thinking, I came up with the idea that we simply go get coffee =) According to CeruleanButterfly.com, an Iced Caffe Latte is only about 100 calories.

I'm on hour 8 of my fast, haha woo go me, I know. But I do plan on going definately through tonight and tomorrow morning at least, 40 hours is my minimum, at 2:00 tomorrom afternoon.

I'm getting anxious to weigh myself and see if I'm still 136 before my roommate wakes up and before I drink too much coffee.

Fuck it, I'm going to go weigh myself...

Okay, 136.5. Not bad, not bad at all considering how much I fucking binged last night.

But oh weel. Fridays are good days. Last Friday was a GREAT day, hopefully today will be too.

After I hang out with my friend, she's hopefully taking me straight to my boyfriend's, and I think he and I are going shopping! I told him I have some books I need to buy. I desperately want to get my hands on Wasted and Stick Figure. And perhaps buy a new tongue/bellybutton ring. =)

Ah I wish I had a better digital camera. I just tried taking some pictures of the bautiful full, orange-red moon on the horizon, but my camera has like NO zoom at all.

OH I took pictures last night. This weekend, I'm taking my camera home with me so I can actually find the right USB cable for it so I can actually load my pictures onto the computer!

Anyway I've gotta go start getting ready for class.
I'll update more later.

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